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Monday, January 4, 2010

Any Regrets?..... NO!

I have never liked change. I have always been the type of person who liked to keep the normal routine... "Get in, Get Out, & Get on with your life." Lately for me it has been change, after change, after change...*long pause*... after change! For my personal life, to my work like, to my living situations... i feel like my whole life is changing right before my eyes. Maybe i am to proud to admit it but deep inside i am afraid of change...no no no... more like terrified. I feel like when things change you lose a part of yourself with it. Although i have not gotten used to all the changes that are taking part in my life now... i will say i am starting to accept things. I think there is a process with change.. Accepting it, Get used to it, and finally changing. They say sometimes change is a good thing. Which is true. In a way i look forward to what's a ahead for me in my life and future.. but at times it is scary. I am original from Miami, Florida and i took a road trip to Indianapolis, Indiana [Plainfeild, IN to be exact] to visit my mom, and let me tell you... it is a huge transition. From sun and beaches to snow and farms. Since a lot of things have been changing for me i have really just been in my own zone lately.. especially being that it is a new year i have really been on a whole other vibe. I look at how people react before i react and i take the time out to actually visualize what it going on. I notice the difference in attitudes people have here in Indiana compared to Miami [they are WAY more nicer then people in Florida!] , the difference in life style, music, food, culture, and just everyday living. I notice LIFE. All this time i was confided to my one area doing my same everyday routine, when there is a huge world out there to be explored. Now i'm not saying go explore the world.. [but if you do i admire you because that is something i would really like to do] but sometime you just have to see for yourself that there are other things in the world besides what you do everyday! There are other people, other places, other worlds! It took CHANGE to happened to me to realize that i was only secluding myself from other great opportunities. I do not regret the things that have happened to me thus far in my life, nor the people that have come in and out of my life. Lesson learn is what i have gained.. kind of like a crash course test of life. What i can say is although i have not live life to its fullest...[yet...] i think i have enough knowledge to know right from wrong.. with business, friends, money, and life choices. Yes Change is hard...[very hard at time]... Sitting back and having regret on the things in my life that have change.... No! 

Everything Happens For A Reason... Let Go & Let Be... Simply Life Life To It's Fullest. With No Regrets. 

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