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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year! New Beginnings!

*paula deans voice* Hey Yall... It's 2010!!!!! *dances around my room*  Soooo we finally made it to the new decade! A lot of things have happened to me in the past ten years... and lets just say i'm finally happy to put it all behind me and move forward with my life. Although we will all face more negativity in our future... i for one can say that i will learn how to deal with it from my past experiences from 2000-2009 *may those years R.I.P*. I just read some post's on Facebook a certain individual who i was VERY CLOSE with wrote about me.. and let's just say they were not true or nice... and i did not feel mad or sad... the only emotion i felt was pitty. Pitty because this person was entering this new year with lies, stress, and deceit. Along with the 2000-2009 i have also left this person in the past. Why... Why continue with the drama? I vow to let things "BE" with everyone. I recently went through my phone and deleted all the numbers of people who i feel i do not need to keep in contact with in this new year. *i'm not good with memorizing numbers so once its deleted out my iphone it's deleted out my memory lol* Make this year all about yourself! Put yourself 1st!!! Think about your feelings before the next person!!! & Don't let anyone take advantage of you!!! "Be careful with who you give your heart to and who you let into your life." 

2010: We Only Have One Life To Live. So Live It To It's Fullest. =)

The reason i put my eyes as the blog picture is because "i see no evil" i can see right through a lot of people and there ways... Use your eyes to visualize what you want in life and distinguish right from wrong... and who is RIGHT and who is WRONG in your life... [if you know what i mean]. ;). 

...Be Blessed This New Years! 

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