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Monday, January 18, 2010

See Them For Who They ARE. Not For Who You Want Them To BE.

Before reading any further.. i must warn you that i am VENTING on this blog. The reason i titled this blog "See Them For Who They Are. Not For Who You Want Them To Be" is because i noticed today that in life we make certain excuse's for certain people who don't deserve an excuse. There is a saying "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me." I really never understood this saying fully. I felt if someone keeps FOOLING you then it should always be shame on them... never on you....SHAME ON THEM FOR FOOLING YOU!!!  But in all reality [now that i GET the quote] it should be shame on you the 2nd time around... because you let the FOOLERY continue on your behalf.  When you are involved with someone wither it is friendship, romantically involved, or involved... the 1st thing you should do is see the person for who they ARE at that moment. Don't make up an excuse for why the person is they way they are, or why they are in the situation they are in. Everything happens for a reason, and i can't STRESS that enough in each blog. Wither is happens for good or for bad it happens for a reason. I'm honestly done with the FUCKERY, FOOLISHNESS, & LIES. NO ONE i repeat NO ONE is worth making excuse's for. If they were worth something NO excuse's would be needed. Treat others how you would want to be treated and respect other people how you would want to be respected. Simple. I have out grown the drama stage in my life a long time ago. My best advice i can give someone in a situation where they see they are not getting treated with the respect they are supposed to be give.. is to walk away. Why Stay? Why stay with someone who does not treat you they way you treat them? Enough is enough. I have never been the type to start drama.. but i can never escape it. I'm pretty sure a lot of you may feel the same way. I always let my kindness get the best of me... but one thing i will not take [and i hope none of you will take] is to let someone continue to try me in my face.. there is a time and place for everything.. and the way you handle things shows what type of person you are. You can go out swinging or quietly fall back. It all depends on the situation at hand and who is at stake. A lot of people [male and female] make the mistake to always let someone do the same stupid actions over and over... people let it become a pattern... a everyday routine. And instead of putting themselves first... they make up that EXCUSE [i'm starting to hate that word] on why they should still be with so & so.. and how "oh he[or she] will never do it again"... BULLSHIT!!! The next time i see someone for who they are QUALITIES, LOYALTY, & HONESTY will take effect ASAP. I got no more time nor patience for MICKEY MOUSE GAMES. Jealously does not play any part in this situation and it never should. THERE IS NO ONE TO EVER BE JEALOUS OF. [trust me on the one!] The principal of the matter is... If i ain't trying you... don't try me! Straight up! Karma is a BITCH. So if i were you i would best try to avoid going that route. 

Vent Over.  Now putting my focus on something more important like... STUDYING.. BLAH!!! O_o

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