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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Side Chick #1 or Side Chick #2 ???

So i woke up today and for some very odd reason this topic was in my head. Now this may not be something everyone can relate too, this is manly for my ladies.. but have you ever wondered if you were just a side chick to a dude you have been talking to? [FYI this is not a question i'm trying to figure up about my own personal life, its just something that randomly popped in my head... must of been a dream i had or something lol] now before you answer... while i was thinking about this i noticed that there are two different types of side chicks. 

SIDE CHICK #1: You are the one who questions your relationship with your man.. for example if you know your man still has connections with one of his ex girlfriends [side chick #2] or baby mommas [can perhaps land in the side chick #2 catagory too lol]... your always thinking in the back of your head if they will ever get back together? And[or] if you are just a rebound chick for the time being?.... Oooooor you just know that your man see's other girls and you are just there TEMPORARILY

SIDE CHICK #2: You are the one who still keeps in contact with that one true love [an ex].. even though you know that they are involved with someone else... you still know that you hold that spot where you can steal him away TEMPORARILY from the other girl [side chick #1].

I can honestly say that i have been in both spots in the PAST [sad but true]. Now my question is.. WHY? Why must we have to wonder if we are a side chick to someone we love [or catching feelings for]? And sadly why do we sometimes KNOW we are a side chick and continue to stay and put ourselves in a hurtful situation? Either way if you find yourself in slot #1 or #2 ... it still hurts. My only advice i have to give you is.... if you EVER have to question [or know] you are a side chick... there is no point of being in that relationship! Leave and run away from that dude FULL SPEED!!!!!! Ladies.. what we deserve is love, happiness, and peace at mind. When you are with someone and you know that there love is for you and only you, then you know you have found the one. STRAIGHT UP! No one, male or female should have to wonder.. Is he [she] cheating on me? Is he [she] with her [him]? Does he [she] still love her [him]? Those are questions that you should NOT even be asking yourself. Never let anyone use you. I don't believe in using anyone for anything, and i treat other the way i would want to be treated. Sometimes in life we run into people who take advantage of our heart, feelings, gratitude, kindness, and love. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to walk away before things get worse. Don't ever subject yourself to standers lower then your expectations...[and we should all have high expectations]. We all deserve the finer things in life *long pause* and being a side chick is surely not in the FINER category!

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