"Judge me by what you read. My writings explain myself in ways that I can't really explain. I love life. I believe in looking for the good in the bad."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Don't See You!!

It's never good to turn a blind eye to things. Never Do That!!! What you turn a blind eye too can end up leaving you permanently blind! But one thing you can turn a blind eye too are the people who don't matter. Never focus on NEGATIVITY... focus on POSITIVITY. Focusing on things will bring them too you. So why focus on people who don't matter??? Mannnnn... turn that blind on on them people and keep it moving. Thats what i'm starting to do. I always thought some people need a second chance to redeem themselves... but if you have to redeem yourself then... that means something NEGATIVE must have happened for them trying to make it POSITIVE again.. and if you brought some type of NEGATIVITY in my life at one point... i don't think i will want to risk it coming back in my life again! No Sir! I Don't Think So! At some point in life... you just gotta let things go!!!! Let all the bad go!!!!!! *screams* #VENTOVER :)

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