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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Everyday Style..

I've been getting a lot of complements on my style of clothes and make-up blah blah. So i decided to post a blog on my everyday style and how "I" like to dress. Normally I always try to go for the ALL BLACK EVERYTHING... thats just me... i do like other colors but lately once you go black you never go back... hahaha... *pause* (black, pink, and red are my favorite colors). If you want to go for a look similar to mines heres how you go about it:

This is a everyday style for me.. Hair down, pink lip gloss, fresh makeup, false lashes, and i'm out the door :) [[ Graphic Tee: Merto Park $36.00; Black Leggings: Metro Park $29.00; Steve Madden Black Cuff Sandals: $49.00; Black Matte Framed Sunglasses: Metro Park $14.99; Marc by Marc Jacbos Purse: $268.99]] I Live, Breath, & Pray by MetroPark.. if you know me well you should already  know *wink*. 

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