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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

7 Signs.. To know you mean nothing to them.

This will be a very short, getting right to the point blog. Here are 7 signs that he/she is a flaw, creep, and running game on you. In my opinion its time to let them go if you are experiencing any of the following...

*  THEY ALWAYS CALLING YOU BLOCK - If you are seeing this person [meaning boyfriend/girlfriend] and they always call you off a block number.. *serious face* now you know... something ain't right if you can't have your boyfriends/girlfriends phone number lol!

*  THEY ONLY TRIES TO SEE YOU AFTER 10PM - You are simply a booty call. [period. point.blank]

*  AFTER 1 YEAR YOU HAVEN'T MET ANY FAMILY MEMBERS - lol... this is because someone else is already in the family. 

*  YOU CAN NEVER GO OUT ON A DATE WITH THEM - This is because they do not want to be seen in public with you. Word can get out and their cover will be blown!

* YOUR NUMBER IS NOT SAVE IN THIER PHONE - you tell me why your number isn't saved in their phone.. i would love to hear you answer!

*  HIS/HER PHONE STAYS BLOWING UP WITH LATE NIGHT CALLS/TXT -  Obviously "someone" is trying to reach them and it ain't YOU.

* YOU FIND A USED CONDOM IN THERE BED ROOM - Well........ This should speak for its self. The End!!!

IDK why i wrote this blog lol but i just felt like sometimes we settle for less because we are blinded by the love or lust.. whatever it is that makes you oblivious to the signs that are staring us right in the face. Trust me there are many many many more signs but for now these are the ones that came to my head and tickled me. *giggles* Love is truly blinding to some of us.. and sometimes we the opinion of an outside viewer to help us see our mistakes [proof readers] :) ohhh and if you can relate with any of these signs *serious face* i think you need to do like Keyshia Cole's song and "LET IT GO" 8)

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  1. Well said. These are all little clues! I am loving your playlist, BTW.