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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Does Happiness Mean Anything Anymore?

Q: Do you really need a significant other to be happy? 

This is a question i asked myself today. Is there really a need to have a certain someone in your life to make you truly happy? What will having the person bring to your life??? In my opinion i feel like there is no need to have someone titled as your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or what have you. lol no i am not a bitter person but i just feel like whats the point? Marriage can be a beautiful thing but it can also be a ugly thing. Every relationship has there ups and down.. but if you are with someone for so many years and after half your freaking life goes by spending it with this certain person.. things decided to go wrong and you end up splitting up... all those years invested in to the marriage or relationship goes completely down the drain..*pause* what do you have to gain from that? knowledge? GTFOH... i understand "in life you live and you learn" i stand by that quote [not sure who made that quote up but the get cool point for it] but DAMN.. whats the purpose of being with someone when 87% of the time things like cheating, betraying, and lies come into play... and you end up leaving the person or they end up leaving you?? is going through that happiness?????? 
Maybe i'm just in a EMO mood right now... but i just don't see the point.. can't you be happy alone? 
The whole reason i decided to blog about this was because of a situation i seen today.. really had me thinking.... everything that glitters isn't gold [thats for damn sure] and sometimes taking that risk of giving someone your all just isn't worth it in the end. 
Q: Do you really need a significant other to be happy? 
My Answer: HELL NO!!! You must 1st be content with being alone b4 you can be happy with someone else.. because most of the time you might just end up right back by yourself lol.
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  1. I agree with NO, you don't need someone too be happy. The ultimate goal in life is to be happy with urself first, before loving someone. It just makes everything difficult if you try and FORCE love; rather than just letting everything flow. I've never understood why people NEED someone in their life to be happy. That's ridiculous.