"Judge me by what you read. My writings explain myself in ways that I can't really explain. I love life. I believe in looking for the good in the bad."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Apply Now: Haterz

Fist and foremost let me start off by saying... "I LOVE ALL MY HATERS" *jay-z voice*
I’m pretty sure a lot of you can agree with me [hopefully] that haters are our motivators!
If I’m rocking something FLY or rocking something STRANGE if a bitch [or nigga, dog, cat, horse, rat, etc] got something negative to say about it.. you just hating because you can't have the self confidence to do what I’m doing, wear what I’m wearing, or be who I am.. and that’s just how I feel. "Never knock someone for what they do. And never envy someone for something you can't have." Instead on hating on the next person.. you should look in the mirror and hate on yourself for being a damn hater! [does that make any sense? lol well anyway I hope you can feel me] The more someone hates on me the more I know I’m doing something right.. it makes me strive to keep up what I’m doing.. it pushes me to do better.......... and to be honest it makes me giggle [and we all know I love to laugh.. lol] Hating is a ugly trait :( and I don't like to be associated with ugly [that's why im NOT a hater] and I hope you don't either! Instead of hating let us PRAISE and ADMIRE other people for what they do.. but then again.. I must say although hating is a very ugly thing.. I still LOVE all my haters in the world *clears throat to give my acceptance speech* BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU GUYS *takes deep breath*I WOULD NOT BE THE STARR I AM TODAY *takes bow* Thank You! *blows kisses* :-D

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  1. EXACTLY! The more some1 hates on me, the more I feel like I'm doing something right! We're the ones not afraid to be different and step outside the box! Guys these days are DONE with regular bitches! they've upgraded to the Model Types aka US! LOL <3 this boo! keep doing your thing!