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Friday, December 11, 2009

Excepting Change

Change is a good thing. Excepting the change is the hard part. I have never been good at excepting change and the process you have to go through before change takes place. I have been going through some changes in my life lately that has me readjusting to certain situations.. and in the beginning i never showed any emotions [i think i'm always a reserved person when my emotions come into play] and i just tried to go with the flow and do what i had to do to get to where i had to go. But today is when it hit me that with change.. some things will never be the same anymore... and sometimes [depending on the situation] that can be a scary thought. When you are used to a everyday routine that gets  familiar and safe, changing it to something that is unfamiliar and scary can take a toll on you. I guess gradually you will get used to change which is most likely what happens when change takes place. Im always for moving forward with your life because the sky is the limit *biggie smalls voice* ... but let me be the first to say EXCEPTING CHANGE IS NEVER EASY. Sometimes i wish things can go back to how it used to be.. but Everything Happens For A Reason, Always Gotta Keep Your Head Up, Have Tunnel Vision To Focus On What Your Trying Reach, and Keep It Moving Forward. 

The only reason you should look back through your rear view mirror is to laugh at silly memories and think back on previous life lessons learned. Keep your eyes focused on your windshield and stay on the right path to where life has to take you. -Stephanie Riles

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  1. Same here! Before I started getting involved in fashion, I was SCARED of change and acceptance from others. I looked @ it as a learning exp. The reason why you want to change, is to get better! why perform at good when u can perform @ your best!? : ) LOVE THIS BLOG BABE!