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Monday, December 14, 2009

Action Speak Louder The Words

I think the title of this blog speaks for its self? Don't you agree. I have a couple of pet peeves but the three that really really really just crawl under my skin are..

* Constantly Questioning Me.
* Having To Repeating Myself.
* People Who Are All Talk & No Action.

Why.. why tell someone one thing but act a different way? If you say something, your literally just speaking. There is this old saying i'm pretty sure everyone has heard when they were a child "Sticks & Stone May Break My Bones... But Words Will Never Hurt Me." When i first heard this when i was younger i took it in as.. no matter what a person says to you to try and hurt your feelings, lower your self esteem, and bring down your ego.. words are simply words.. although it may hurt your feelings at the moment they are said.. they can not do any physical damage to you because they are simply WORDS nothing more or nothing less. But when i start to look at it from a different perspective.. Words can not hurt me... Correct... But Sticks and Stones can really hurt if someone throw that shit at you hard enough! Because it is a action someone is doing to physical hurt you. So in this situation ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN THE WORDS.... The whole point i'm trying to get to is WHY constantly tell someone certain things and not put any effort into what you are saying??? i don't get the point. "Don't talk about it, be about it." Thats just how i feel. Someone can keep telling me they gonna give me a million dollars... but until i see you put that mill in my hands... all that shit you talking don't mean a damn thing. period. point. blank.end of convo. I don't have time for games and i'm pretty sure you guys don't either. The last thing i let people do is play with my emotions, family, & my money. If you miss someone.. SEE THEM. If you love someone.. TELL THEM. If you want to be with someone put in the EFFORT. Use actions to show someone you care.. Words go in one ear and out the other.. So unless you throwing a stick or stone at me to get my attention... i ain't looking back to hear you.

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