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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Too Late

Lately I have been a mediator to a friend of mines who is having martial problems and his situation really hit home to my heart just because I could semi relate to his dilemma [even thou I’m far from being married!! *_*] I’m not going to go into details about the whole situation because of privacy issues... But I will say it trickles down to my last post about being happy. How can you be with someone and not be happy? what's holding you back??
Just because you have history with a person doesn’t mean that, that's why you have to stay with them... sometimes even if we fail to see and realize it... "love dies" and sooner or later you have to move on.
On a different note... I also had another question on my brain... [I’m full of puzzling question these days] How long can you wait for someone to decided to be with you? I know we have all been in love before, most of us been dumped, or been the dumpy.. but if you really love someone.. and want to be with that one person should you hold on to them? Even if they show you interest every once and in while or when it convenient from them? What do you gain out of that? Because it looks to me you are only there because the person know you will always be there... and to me that’s flat out wrong!
I don't think anyone should be left on the sideline with the three question marks over there head wondering and still holding on to hope that one day that person you love will decide to love you back... its sad to be in love with someone who does not love you they way you love them... I feel like you should always... ALWAYS.. put yourself FIRST!!! No matter what! LOVE is a strong thing that can make us do things that we never imagined and yet.. tear us up inside and out...
At times we do not realize what we have until it's gone [sooo true]. I do think its never to late to do anything.. but sometimes in all reality it is. In life you have to make wise decisions.. and now a days a lot of people just jump the gun with out thinking out everything... don't get me wrong I’m a spontaneous person and I don’t over analyze things.. but when it comes to marriage, kids, business, and... *pause* LOVE.. that is nothing to jump the gun with...
"Jump The Gun.. You Might End Up Shooting Yourself."
Let me make a LONG story into a MIDGET [lmao code for "short"] "Happiness" seems to work its way right back into my mind... be happy with who makes you happy.. love someone who loves you back equally or more.. show the one you love you care.. and don't let the one who loves you get away for someone who doesn't love you back... it shouldn't have to take a drastic situation for you to finally realize what you had starting you in the face all along.


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