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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stay On My Grind

I NEVER had any RESPECT for a female who constantly brag about having they man pay for her bills, nails, hair, food, clothes, etc. FYI you want to know how yall females sound telling everyone you have someone else pay for the necessities you need? LAME
If I was a dude I would rather hear a chick brag about how she can go out there in the world and get things for herself.. rather then have a guy [or guys] do it for her. As far back as I can remember I ain't never had to go out and ask someone for anything.. I ain't never begged a guy to buy me clothes, put gas in my car, put food in my mouth, pay for my phone bill, help pay my car note... NONE OF THAT! lol and I find it funny females still do that now-a-days and think it's cute.. when in all reality its sad...
I’m proud to say that "if i want something i can go out and get it" and the only way I can say that is because I stay on my GRIND and I go out and get mines! Never depend on someone to help you do the things you need to do to get ahead in the game.. Depend on yourself to get you where you need to go in life. Its ok to take help every once in a while.. but being DEPENDENT on someone is a big NO NO *waves index finger back and forth* in my book.. "Strive To Achieve The Best Things In Life.. And Stay On Your Grind To Get What You Want."
While listening to this song Stop Hatin - By: Trina she said and I quote:
"I Can Spend It All And Don't Think About Tomorrow Cuz I’m Self-Made Bitch I Ain't Never Had To Borrow."
She could not have express the way I feel any better.. and ladies if you can't relate to that quote.... not even a little bit... Shit bad for you poopoo! *giggles*


  1. Totally agree with this blog!! Very deep!! But at the same time what if she's given gifts and she didnt ask for him to get her nada? Well I guess thats a totally different thing! Keep up the good work they get better and better everytime!!

  2. If your givin gift.. [better take that shit and run before they ask for it back lmao] but yea that's a whole other blof topic :-p